Growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s, Richard Sorin engulfed himself in the legend and lore of the Outdoors and Strength Training. The strenuous life of becoming physically and mentally capable to survive any adventure and general human prowess captivated him at an early age. So much so, that when Richard was learning how to read, his Father would give him Strength Training and Outdoor magazines to help when he was struggling.

Those passions stayed true throughout Richard’s adult life and were seeded into a young Bert Sorin. Bert was taught to “Live the Code” of iron and survival while he grew up in the woods and around the world of human performance.

Bert and Richard Hunting Sorinex Outdoors
Sorinex Clear Grind

This was not only a way for a father and son to connect, but it also brought into the fold numerous huntmates, workout partners, and mentors to help develop and strengthen each other, and form a brotherhood. The natural manifestation of this throughout the years has evolved into Sorinex Outdoors.

Bert saw a need for the outdoors community to fully understand and implement, the time tested modalities of the Human Performance World. He also saw the value of people who lived in the weight room being exposed to the outdoor lifestyle, and ever changing harsh environment.

Sorinex Winterstrong

Sorinex Outdoors is a brand advocating the strenuous life. The life of survival. It is Hunting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Shooting, Archery, Cooking, Survival Skills, and Human Performance. It is searching for the Thin Air, and diving into the Deep Water.